Geowigo Wherigo Player - Privacy Policy

This document describes what kind of data Geowigo collects and uses, and what happens to it.


Because Wherigo is a location-based game, Geowigo needs to have access to the device's location in order to work.

The device's location, first acquired through Microsoft's Location Service APIs, is then made available to the Wherigo cartridges that are currently playing. Wherigo cartridges' ability to exfiltrate this data is limited if not non-existant, because the Lua implementation Geowigo uses is not allowed to reach networks. However, users should be generally aware that Geowigo has no control over how Wherigo cartridges use their location data. Users should moreover acknowledge that their use of Wherigo cartridges downloaded from Groundspeak's is subject to the acceptance of Groundspeak's Privacy Policy.

Additionnally, Geowigo will generate logs of the Wherigo games the user plays. These logs may contain detailed history of the device locations during play. Logs are stored in plain text (i.e. not encrypted) in the app's isolated storage folder, and may be uploaded to the user's OneDrive account if the user linked one to the app (see "OneDrive" below). Users may delete these logs, or prevent the log collection altogether, from the app's settings page.


If they choose so, the user can link Geowigo to one OneDrive account. The login process is handled by Microsoft's Live SDK, and relies on a webpage-based login handshake. That way, Geowigo has no access to the user's OneDrive credentials.

Linking the app to OneDrive allows users to let the app download and upload cartridges, savegames and log files to a dedicated /Geowigo folder on OneDrive. Downloads and uploads are handled by Microsoft's Live SDK over an HTTPS connection which guarantees the confidentiality of the transfers on the network.

Data uploaded to OneDrive may include personal user data such as location, if game logs exist and are scheduled to be uploaded to OneDrive. Users may opt-out of uploading logs in the app's settings page.

Using the OneDrive link is subject to the user's acceptance of Microsoft's Privacy Policy.

Support IAP

Users who wish to support the development of the free and open-source app Geowigo, may do so for example by purchasing the in-app content "Proud Support" from the Windows Store. When the app detects such a purchase, it downloads the payment receipt using Windows Store APIs and stores it on the user's device. Because this data may contain user information (such as a user ID), it is stored encrypted (AES-512 + RSA-2048) on the device. This data may be attached to an e-mail the user will send from the app, in case they need support. But, because of the encryption, only the app owner can decrypt it, in order to verify the purchase.

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